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Swimming - Key Stage 2...Improving techniques

We are most fortunate to be able to use the Cheltenham Ladies College ‘Olympic’ swimming pool, a short walk across the playing field for weekly timetabled lessons. We believe that all pupils should become both comfortable and proficient in the water – both above and below – so we have evolved a programme of improvement that spans the full age range - Years 1 to 6.

For Key Stage 2 the initial focus during the Autumn Term is on Stroke Technique and Improvement. Years 3 and 4 have swimming lessons on a Monday, Years 5 and 6 on a Friday. Children move into three groups of differing ability with a minimum of three staff teaching these groups – often more if a member of staff is present in the water. The groups are not rigidly set and as they progress children may move from one group to another.

The ASA Award Scheme:

During the Spring Term the Focus for Year 3 is the continuation of stroke technique and building-up stamina. But for Years 4 to 6, during the 1st half of the term, the focus is in the build-up to completion of the ASA Distance Award Scheme. This Distance Award Scheme requires Year 4 to complete 20 minutes of continuous swimming: Year 5; 25 minutes of continuous swimming and Year 6; 30 minutes of continuous swimming.

The Swimming Gala:

During the 2nd half of the term, Years 3-6 practice for our Annual School Swimming Gala. All pupils participate in:

  • Individual Freestyle Race
  • Fun Relay/Medley Relay (Year 5/6)
  • Freestyle Relay

In the Summer Term we consolidation stroke production and concentrate on improving the strokes technique. We also work on improving stamina and distance/length of swimming.

We also cover Basic lifesaving techniques and survival skills.

Friendly Galas:

In addition to the school Galas, the swimming tutors arrange a series of ‘Friendly’ Galas with other schools – for example the March Gala with years one and two of the Ladies College and the May Gala with St Edward’s School.


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