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The Mathematics curriculum at Airthrie aims to equip the children with the skills and confidence to deal with mathematical situations and problems encountered in everyday life as well as in a school setting. The children will be introduced to vocabulary, number facts and strategies appropriate to their level of understanding, providing building blocks which ensure each child achieves success, engendering a positive attitude towards the subject.

We aim to provide the pupils with a mathematics curriculum which will produce individuals who are literate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident. This is achieved through small group teaching, class lessons which encourage collaborative work and discussion and investigations which develop problem solving skills and encourage the children to apply their understanding.

At a level appropriate to their age and understanding, the children are encouraged to:

  • have a sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system
  • know by heart number facts such as number bonds and multiplication tables up to x12
  • calculate accurately and efficiently, both mentally and in writing and paper, drawing on a range of calculation strategies and having the confidence to select appropriate methods
  • recognise when it is appropriate to use a calculator and be able to do so effectively (using a calculator to check answers, for example)
  • make sense of number problems and recognise the operations needed to solve them
  • explain their methods and reasoning using correct mathematical terms
  • judge whether their answers are reasonable and have strategies for checking them where necessary
  • suggest suitable units for measuring and make sensible estimates of measurements
  • create, explain, interpret and make predictions from the numbers in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables
  • develop spatial awareness and an understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and describe using appropriate language

The content of each year’s mathematics curriculum follows the New National Curriculum expectations.

Assessment takes the form of on-going record keeping, highlighting each child’s understanding of key skills outlined in the Airthrie Assessment grids. In KS2 there are periodic tests which enable teachers to gauge the children’s long term recall of key skills and number facts. The small group teaching at Airthrie means that staff are able to tailor lessons to levels appropriate to the children’s ability.