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Year 5's Day Out in Gloucester2nd March 2017

Written by: Amanda Houghton-Brown

On Tuesday 28th February pupils in Forms Poplar and Alder visited Gloucester (linking with this term's topic of Our Local Area). We enjoyed a town trail in the morning visiting Gloucester Quays and learning about the significance of the docks in our local history.

We walked up the Roman road of Southgate and made a short stop at the Beatrix Potter Museum before entering the Cathedral itself. Here we admired the Norman architecture of the round arches and the later Gothic, more Eastern pointed arches. We stopped in the cloisters to admire the early example of fan-vaulted ceilings and to remember the scenes which were filmed here in one of the Harry Potter films.

During the afternoon the children visited Skillzone, a life-size village where they could visit six different scenarios and identify the hazards that were there. We learnt about how to keep ourselves safe near a river or at the seaside, on a building site, and at a railway line or crossing. We had to identify fire hazards in a house as well as see the after-effects of a house-fire, which really brought to life the seriousness of what we were seeing.

The following report has been written by Sienna

Last Tuesday I went on an amazing School trip. In the morning we went on a long walk which I really enjoyed. There were lots of interesting sights, from a mariners' church, to the Gloucester Cathedral which had stunning architecture from Norman times.

In the afternoon we went to Skillzone and saw lots of different dangerous scenarios. However, my favourite part of the fantastic day was the burnt room. It showed how cheap electronics had over-heated and caused a fire. The room had only been on fire for five minutes but it was in an awful state. Almost all of the colour of the wallpaper was covered in a dense layer of thick black soot. The bed had been destroyed and the room had an overpowering odour.

It was a very enjoyable day and I have become much more aware of the hidden dangers lurking around. Also, I have discovered lots about the history of Gloucester.


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