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Year 5 Outing to the Ashmolean Museum2nd December 2016

Written by: Amanda Houghton-Brown

On Wednesday this week Year 5 pupils went to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to participate in an Egyptian Detectives activity.

We had a fabulous day - the activities were all 'hands-on' and the children were exceptionally well behaved!

By Samuel

It was a long journey on the coach but when we arrived at the museum it was a spectacular sight. As part of our visit we became Egyptian detectives or archaeologists. We learned about how the ancient Egyptians lived, what they ate (this included ostrich and fish from the Nile) and what they would have needed in their daily lives.

They made tools to mine, wore jewellery and made their clothes from linen even though they were often torn and ragged. They designed hieroglyphics in the tombs using a chisel to make the outlines.

I really enjoyed seeing the artefacts and seeing the sarcophagus, it was such an interesting and enjoyable trip which made the ancient Egyptians come to life. Thank you, Mrs Houghton-Brown, for taking us.

By William

In the displays there were lots of objects that they would have used in their daily lives such as vases, combs, instruments and jewellery. Our tour guide showed us a replica of a mirror - this was a piece of copper which would have been very highly polished.

I learned that whenever a person died they would always have an ankh with them in their sarcophagus. An ankh was a key to the afterlife (which all ancient Egyptians believed in). I was really interested in the two mummies I saw in the museum and really enjoyed the day.


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