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Theatre Outing to The Birmingham Repertory Theatre7th December 2016

Written by: Andrea Wilson

By Annabel Fea

On Monday 5 December we went to see a performance of Treasure Island based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The show was on a very big stage and our seats were extremely near the front so we had an amazing view of the show. All of the costumes were incredible and the props were very realistic. The pirates were very frightening. My favourite parts were when they used the trap doors in the stage as tunnels, certain areas of the ship and the lanterns hung as stars.

By Erin Jones

The costumes were very good and the special effects were too. At some points I forgot it was a play because the acting was amazing and it was very entertaining. I think the actors should be very proud.

By Sienna Edge

The writer Bryony Lavery created a show that had lots of ups and downs with a mixture of emotions. It was a whole rollercoaster of exciting events with as much adventure and excitement as the timeless classic, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The story was about when pirates ransack Grandma Hawkins' they follow the stars to the island, it seems Long John Silver is not all he seems. The writer has created a whole new world of imagination and has shown the story through a girl's perspective to show that girls can have adventures too.

I feel very lucky to have experienced such an amazing magical production.


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