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The Commandery, Worcester13th June 2017

Written by: Amanda Houghton-Brown

Last Thursday, 8 June, pupils in Forms Poplar and Alder visited The Commandery, Worcester for our summer term topic trip. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the Commandery team of Alex and Kerry who gave a brief introduction detailing the day ahead.

We set off on our walk to Fort Royal and then to other impressive historical sites in the city. From the top of Fort Royal we could see for miles and clearly understand why this was an important defensive ground for the Royalists, under the command of Charles Stuart (who was watching the battle unfold from the Tower of Worcester Cathedral).

During our city tour we saw the house where King Charles II (in disguise) escaped from his enemies and found evidence of a mortar attack in the city wall.

After a welcome lunch break back at The Commandery, we enjoyed two active workshops. The first, Arms and Armour, was all about the armoury used during the Civil War period. Harry dressed-up as a pike man and got to feel the weight of a real pike, Emma dressed-up as a cavalier soldier complete with the cleverly designed helmet which had a long neck piece like a lobster’s tail to protect the back of the neck.

During our second workshop, the Baggage Train, we learnt more about the social history of the period we were studying. Once again the pupils were very much involved and Freya was a willing participant in some serious 'surgery' where the role-play involved her leg being 'amputated' with no pain relief – ouch! Rudy dressed-up as solider in the new model army and Amy as his wife in her pretty skirts and bodice.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the day and words such as ‘gruesome’ and ‘awesome’ were used to describe it!

A big thank you to the teachers involved and the experts at the Commandery Team for a fabulous day.


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