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Rounders Match v Kitebrook27th June 2017

Written by: Deborah Southgate

A team of Year 5 and 6 girls played Rounders in a home match against Kitebrook School last Thursday. They played two innings with 5 bats each in total. In the first innings, 4 full rounders were scored, 6 half rounders and 1½ for no balls, making a total of 8½ rounders.

Kitebrook scored 7 rounders in total.

In the second innings Airthrie, who batted first, made 3½ rounders with an overall total of 12 whilst Kitebrook scored 2½ with a total of 9½ scored.

I was particularly delighted with the girls' fielding performance and brilliant teamwork which demonstrated quick thinking, together with their skilful throwing and catching which resulted in several opposing players being stumped or caught out.

Kitebrook chose Erin Jones (our Team Captain) as their 'Man of the Match'.

Very well done, girls!


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