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River Chelt - Year 4 Outing4th July 2017

Written by: Matthew Medhurst

By Amelie...

Last Thursday, Forms Spruce and Larch went to the River Chelt with Mrs Hall and Mrs Brewis. We found lots of interesting things including a little fish we named Jerry, but as well as this little fish we found a lot of other river creatures including shrimps, snails and a very strange bug called a crane fly larvae.

We also did a quick field sketch of the river and its surroundings. A field sketch is a very important thing in geography - it is a way to gather information when you are not in a classroom (like us!). Most people managed to complete their field sketch in time to go fishing in the river and that was when we found the creatures. We then learnt all about these creatures.

The trip was a huge success and we really enjoyed it!


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