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PC James and PC Steve visit Airthrie4th July 2017

Written by: Clare Brooks

Yesterday, the children in Form Willow had a very exciting visit from two police officers (PC James and PC Steve).

We listened very carefully as they told us about their jobs. We also met three of their police dogs and had a look inside the police cars and were able to see lots of their special equipment.

"I did not know that policemen had so many gadgets." George

"I got to sit in the police car with the police dogs and there were some buttons that made really loud noises." Lewis

"They had some nails in the car that make tyres go pop - then they have a chance to get the baddies." Morgan

"The sirens are so loud so that everyone can hear them and get out of the way." Toby

"PC Steve made the dog jump. I stroked the dog. I liked the big one." Clara


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