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Our Evacuee Experience20th June 2017

Written by: Sue Elliott

By Annabel, Year 6

On 25th May, Year 6 pupils went on a journey to Winchcombe for an amazing evacuee experience.

We arrived at the station all dressed in our evacuee outfits and carrying gas masks and were greeted on this hot summer's day by our guide. We went through the station which the man called a 'time warp' because on the other side it was 1940's style. There were no electric signs or anything modern. We got on the old stream train which was amazing inside, covered in old posters warning about the Germans. We were also lucky enough to talk to a real evacuee and hearing their stories was breathtaking.

During an activity an air-raid siren went off so we all went into a dark room which is what people would have done. We learned about some other bombs such as the 'doodlebug' and sound effects were played that imitated planes and bombs. After the 'all-clear' siren we were free to leave to sit in the sun to hear more wartime stories.


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