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Local Fire-Fighters visit Year 27th October 2015

Written by: Marion Morris

Pupils in Form Beech were delighted when fire-fighters from our local fire station visited Airthrie School on Thursday last week. We had a very thorough exploration of their fire engine, listened to a fire safety talk and most excitingly of all, set off the siren.

The children had lots of questions and were most interested to find out:

“Who invented the fire engine?”

“What happens if a fire engine is set on fire?”

“Where the water is kept on a fire engine?”

“How heavy is the fire helmet?”

This exciting visit related to our recent work in Year 2 about the Great Fire of London. The children have made Tudor-style houses out of card which we placed close together and one of the fire-fighters then set the houses alight for the children to see how quickly fire can spread!


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