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Evacuee Day 201615th June 2016

Written by: Richard Wright

"On 26th May, Year 6 pupils went on an Evacuee day with Winchcombe Steam Railway. We all dressed as children from WWII. I was wearing a 1940s floral dress with a green beret and navy blue cardigan. I also made a gas mask box and carried a satchel." by Georgia

Letter to my imaginary penfriend - "This morning I arrived at school to get evacuated! I hope you are ok at war. Go get those Germans. Then the sharabang arrived. We all got on and were told it would be a very long journey. I was scared. I was going to miss mum.

We saw a spy so I told the officer that the spy was on the train. Tashi and Lucy handed the officer the evidence. We stopped at the station and there was a citizen's arrest. Mr Wright was the star of the show, haha! It was scary but exciting." by Molly


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