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DT Project Launch2nd May 2017

Written by: Sue Elliott

Last Friday, our Year 6 pupils welcomed Mr Millward into their Form Room. They were introduced to the exciting world of engineering: finding out what an engineer does; what they are involved in inventing and making, as well as learning about their specific skills.

Some of the children had the opportunity for a hands-on experience as they learnt about air pressure and the use of water pressure in an extended arm grabber!

This led onto the Year 6 Design & Technology project where our pupils will be working in small teams to design, make, adapt and demonstrate the skills of an Hydraulic Judo Bot. The second phase of the project is to create a bridge that is light and strong. Once the bridges are complete we are hoping to utilise the Hydraulic Judo Bots as cranes to place weights onto them.

The children will be assessed throughout this project on their skills as engineers, communicators, team players, their demonstration of the Airthrie Values and also, obviously, on their final products' achievements and resilience. Mr Millward will be visiting again, before half-term to catch-up on the progress we are making.

Mr and Mrs Millward will be donating a trophy to our School to be presented to the team that completes the challenges set and who demonstrates their engineering and Airthrie skills along the way. Individual winning team member awards are being designed and will be presented to the children in the winning team.

This will be a brand new end-of-year trophy awarded to the School for the development and progression of our children’s skills in Design and Technology, targeted at Year 6. It is in memory of Mr and Mrs Millward’s son, Thomas, who attended Airthrie School, developed a passion for engineering and was successful in his chosen career.

Our grateful thanks to Mr and Mrs Millward for the time and effort that they have already put into this project.


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