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Dean Heritage Centre5th May 2016

Written by: Amanda Houghton-Brown

Written by Charlie Watkins, Year 5

On Wednesday 4th May, Year 5 pupils went to Dean Heritage Centre. We saw some stuffed animals (wild boar, deer and badgers) and learnt that children used to work in mines pulling coal. They used to put something called a nellie in their mouth, with a candle on the end, so they could see where they were going.

There was an old-fashioned cottage and in the first floor bedroom was a lovely bed and a cot. In the garden there was a bomb shelter and some nice flowers and the other room had a double bed with an old mirror. They used to wash their clothes in something called a dolly tub.

The children didn't waste paper because they worked on blackboards.

My favourite part was the adventure playground!

It was a lovely day out.


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