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Cricket Tournament 11th June 2015

Written by: Richard Wright

Yesterday, an Airthrie squad of boys travelled to Crackley Hall, Kenilworth to take part in a hard ball Cricket Tournament. This was a new venture for us and included both the tournament and coaching in between matches.

Alex McLain gives us more detail below...

All of the players had to wear pads. For the people who had never worn pads it must have felt weird. Throughout the day we played games and had cricket coaching and drills. Our first game was against St Joseph's and we bowled first. The bowling order was Henry, Elliot, George, Ben and then me, Alex.

We took 4 wickets as they scored a total of 32. Henry and Alex batted all the way through our innings but we ended up 9 runs short.

In our second match against Hepworth we batted first. Elliot England and Charlie Watts batted very well to score a total of 35 runs in 5 overs. Each batter scored 15 runs each. However, despite bowling very well to begin with, Hepworth won with 3 balls to spare.

Despite the matches, the coaching was excellent and we all felt we learnt a great deal and a lovely day was had by all.


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