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Poplar ...Year 5

Mrs Amanda Houghton-Brown

I qualified from Canterbury Christ Church College in 1997. My first teaching post was w...

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Mr Richard Wright

Since qualifying from St Paul's and St Mary’s College, I have taught in a variety of ...

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Mrs Fiona Beck

My first full time teaching post was as a Class Teache...

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Ms Rachel Candlin

I have always passionately believed that teaching children Latin enriches their education by pr...

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Mr Nick Baynham

I have a passion for sport and coaching; in particular rugby, swimming and football.


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Support Staff

Mrs Gillian Green, Mr Matthew Medhurst, Mrs Jane Dale, Mrs Deborah Southgate, Mrs Amy Whittaker

About Poplar

Year 5 realise that we are some of the most responsible children at Airthrie. We believe that our behaviour should set a good example to others; we try very hard ensure that we are good role models and are very proud to take on special day-to-day duties to help the smooth running of the school.

Our milk bottle collection rota, shared with Alder, not only provides a service to every other form but is also a major recycling facility ensuring that we take responsibility for our own Carbon Footprint and set a good Green Impact example to younger children.

During the academic year Poplar and Alder enjoy many local area walks during our Local Area Topic. We also visit The Dean Heritage Centre to compare town to country within the locality. Our Egyptian Topic takes us to the Ashmoleon in Oxford and we regularly attend the various Cheltenham Festivals, such as Literature and Science.

Recent Poplar News


Extra Sport Activities

Last Thursday, during the Year 5 and 6 Sport lesson, th...
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The Commandery, Worcester

Last Thursday, 8 June, pupils in Forms Poplar and Ald...
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Bugsy Malone

Wow! Year 4 and 5 were in for a treat last Wednesday after they battled throu...
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Year 5's Day Out in Gloucester

On Tuesday 28 th February pupils in Forms Poplar and Alde...
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French Outing to L'Artisan Restaurant

On Wednesday 1 st March twelve pupils...
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Theatre Outing to The Birmingham Repertory Theatre

By Annabel Fea On Monday 5 Decemb...
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Year 5 Outing to the Ashmolean Museum

On Wednesday this week Year 5 pupil...
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Inventing Villains with Abi Elphinstone

During the summer I noticed a workshop...
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Bake Sale at Airthrie School - Wednesday 12 October

Pupils in Form Poplar have been asked...
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Dean Heritage Centre

Written by Charlie Watkins, Year 5 On Wednesday 4th M...
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