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Key Stage 2 (age 8-11)...For the eldest

At this more academic and increasingly formal stage of children's education we enhance our commitment to small group teaching and actively split the forms into halves or thirds for Mathematics, Science and ICT. Extra teaching staff are utilised to support Maths and English subjects.

In preparing each child for their move to secondary school we liaise closely with parents, supporting and helping them to make the right choice for their individual child. We tutor in small groups to make certain that pupils are fully prepared and equipped for various entrance examinations and can then move on, happily and confidently.

There is a wide choice of after-school clubs from Music, Singing, Art, Chess, Dance, Touch Typing, Woodwork, Speech and Drama, to a full range of sporting activities.

We have a growing reputation for inter-school success in competitive Running, Hockey, Cricket, Tag Rugby, Netball and Football. We encourage all the children to participate in some or all aspects of sport and there are frequent inter-school matches in all sports, helping to widen pupils' horizons and prepare them for their future senior education.

Confirmation of the quality of our all-round teaching can be seen by the achievement (at Year 6) of both grammar school places as well as scholarships and awards to a variety of senior schools, (e.g. Academic, Sport, Drama, Art, Music). We have a wide catchment area at Airthrie which leads to pupils attending schools throughout the county and further afield as they progress to Year 7.

We often encourage the 'average' pupil to enter competitions to develop and pursue talents other than those which are academic (e.g. Swimming, Music and Art). This can often increase pupils' self-esteem and have a positive effect with regard to academic endeavours.

Topic subjects for the year groups:

Autumn Term 2014

Year 3 - Dinosaurs/Chocolate (introduction to the Aztecs)

Year 4 - Anglo Saxons

Year 5 - Ancient Egypt

Year 6 - Ancient Greece

Spring Term 2015

Year 3 - Romans

Year 4 - India

Year 5 - Cheltenham and the local area

Year 6 - Britain since the 1930s

Summer Term 2015

Year 3 - Rain Forests

Year 4 - Oceans

Year 5 - Aztecs

Year 6 - Volcanos