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Club Information

Run by: Mr Richard Wright
Cost: Free
Location: Farnley Field

Cricket Club takes place on Thursday afternoons during the Summer Term for Years 4-6. We play fixtures against other school teams and take part in the Midlands' ISA Championships and the Cheltenham District Primary Schools' Tournament. Matches usually start at 3.45pm and consist of 16 overs per side.

The individual skills of batting, bowling and fielding are coached within a smaller environment where we aim to develop good practise into match preparation with early use of tactical awareness.

Airthrie fields both Quik Cricket and Hard Ball Cricket teams. This means that players will have experience of playing with both types of ball, following a range of different rules. Traditional rules are used during the ISA Championships, however the majority of fixtures are played under Taverner's Rules when players bat in pairs for a given number of overs.

In June 2016 Airthrie won the ISA Plate Competition, which was a great experience for the whole club (see detailed report below).

St John's Primary School, St James Primary, Richard Pate's School, King's School, Gloucester, The Elms, The Downs, St Edward's School, Berkhampstead, Beaudesert Park, Cheltenham District KO Tournament, Midland ISA Championships.


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