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Affordable Independent Education...Payment Options

We are able to afford your children the best possible opportunity to achieve their full potential, within small teaching groups (eg, often in Maths the ratio is 5:1) ensuring that individual tuition is frequently available. We believe that the majority of your fees should be dedicated to funding a very high ratio of staff to pupils. Nonetheless we pride ourselves on maintaining a modest fee structure with the following options:

Monthly Payment Plans

  • Bespoke arrangements
  • Easy budgeting - payments may be spread throughout the year with
  • Monthly or Weekly instalments
  • Choose your most suitable payment date

Employer Childcare Voucher Schemes

  • Offered by most employers
  • Tax efficient – paid from gross salary
  • Accepted for payment of school fees up to age 5
  • Accepted for all ages ‘non-educational’ items (ie, music tuition, after-school clubs and other sundry fees)

Nursery Education Grant

  • Airthrie administration complete all paperwork required to claim NEG
  • First 15 Nursery hours each week are fully funded
  • Full grant deducted from Reception fees until the term after your child’s 5th birthday
  • No minimum hours or cost imposed

Please feel free to contact our Bursar for full details

Alan Williams: 01242 512837