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Forest Leader: Mrs Louise Kimber

Wentwood Forest

Wentwood Forest is a remnant of a vast area of woodland that once covered the slopes of the escarpment that looks over the Gwent Levels towards the Severn Estuary. Centuries ago Wentwood Forest would have stretched from Newport all the way to the Wye at Chepstow.

It was once a hunting forest belonging to Chepstow Castle.

The Forest and its surrounding countryside support a wide range of flora and fauna, including 23 species of butterflies, 75 species of birds including nightjars, turtle doves and spotted flycatchers, mammals that include dormice and otters, and ancient woodland plants that include wild daffodils, wood sorrel and yellow pimpernel.

The Forest was planted with conifers from 1880, and most of the broadleaved trees had been felled by the Second World War. The broadleaved trees were replanted with more conifers in the 1950s and 1960s. Ancient woodland plants and wildlife have hung on, and will regenerate once more light is allowed in following felling of the conifers. Coed Cadw was able to purchase nearly 900 acres of Wentwood Forest in 2006 and now has the chance to restore this ancient woodland to its former glory.


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