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Dallington...East Sussex

Forest Leader: Mrs Pauline Drury

Dallington Forest

Dallington Forest is a 16.2 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest, located in East Sussex, England. The main feature of the Forest is the ghyll woodland which contains a number of plants with an 'Atlantic' distribution.

In the Domesday book of 1086 it was called Dalinton, which evolved, by 1265, to the current Dallington. This picturesque village lies 5 miles south east of Heathfield off the B2096. There are several attractive brick and tile hung cottages and next to the church is a fine timber-framed house.

Dallington Forest used to manufacture charcoal, an important source of fuel for the Wealden iron-making industry. Much of their supply went to the Heathfield furnace owned by the Fullers of Brightling and also to the Ashburnham furnace a few miles to the South East. In a field north of the B2096 lies the 'Sugar Loaf', one of the Follies of Mad Jack Fuller. The original church of St Giles was dismantled in 1864 and rebuilt; with only the crenelated tower and the spire surviving. The spire is a rarity in Sussex, as it is tiled in stone. On the west face of the tower are the carved shield and buckle symbol of the Pelham family. Sir John Pelham fought in the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.


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