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Forests (the Airthrie House System)...Our house system

As with most schools, Airthrie operate a 4-group house system; however, we believe ours to be unique as throughout Airthrie there is much acknowledgement both of trees and forests. The form system, from Acorn through to Oak, is based on trees.

Our Forest names are taken from woods around England, namely:

  • Kielder from the North,
  • Thetford from the East,
  • Dallington from the South, and
  • Wentwood from the West.

Each Forest is led by a dedicated member of staff and together they evolve their own language, eg, 'Wenties' from Wentwood. Each pupil is presented with a coloured enamel badge denoting their Forest when they join the school.

Throughout normal school life all pupils are encouraged to work and play hard and to show kindness and thoughtfulness. With these actions the children can earn Forest leaf points.

Leaf points are collected and counted each Friday and totals are announced every Monday morning during Prayers. During closing Prayers at the end of each term a beautiful carved, mixed wood tree replica is presented to the winning Forest.

Forest meetings take place once or twice per half-term and for these the pupils wear their 'Forest' t-shirt, eg, Wentwood - green, Dallington - brown, Thetford - orange and Kielder - red.

Each Forest will periodically organise a fund-raising project for a local deserving charity. On other occasions buffet or garden picnic lunches are organised as a bonding time during which the older pupils look after the younger pupils. Occasionally a morning meeting is turned over to a small competition, eg, autumn collage making in the garden.

Pupils enjoy the diversity the Forest meetings bring and are fiercely proud of their own Forest.


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